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It is our goal at Noah's House Inc. to help Men and Women experience true freedom and abundant life in a stable, peaceful, and supportive home environment that is free of alcohol and drugs. We believe that Recovery is only possible when our residents pay attention to the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of their Recovery.


Our purpose is to help each person learn a new way of life and a new way to define their personal success. We believe that when an individual is courageous enough to follow the guidance we provide; they will have a real chance at recovery and will learn to live a life full of hope and purpose.

Noah's House Inc. is open to all forms of recovery, whether that be the choice of participation in NA, AA, Celebrate Recovery, SMART Recovery.  They are all models of Recovery that we encourage to be sought out and utilized in the community-living environments of our Recovery Homes.


We strongly implore those who seek assistance in Recovery. Upon acceptance into Noah's House Inc., Our goal is to help our men and women find the best Recovery Support Program that assists them. Then, the individual must further work this form of a Recovery Support Group, along with the assistance that we provide, to ensure successful ongoing Recovery and treatment.


We require our residents and future residents to participate in a Recovery Support Program, whether that be NA, AA, Celebrate Recovery, or SMART Recovery, and that they couple it with the necessary personal work to be successful in Recovery.


Together we can do this. We can thrive in the storm.

Together We Can Thrive In The Storm

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