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Building a Foundation to thrive in.

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Noah's House Alumni

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I would wake up and ask myself what I am going to do today for myself that I didn’t do yesterday? How can I help my fellow brothers and sisters? Noah's House gave back what was so freely given to me - the message of hope.



Gracie's Place Alumni


Going to a Recovery Home and asking for help; it is ok. I know for me that was really hard at first, today I am grateful. It's made me such a better person. I'm able to give my expierence, strength, and hope and I couldn't have done that without Gracie's Place.



Noah's House Alumni

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By me coming to Noah's House Inc, it gave me the opportunity to grow while in a program. It works - it has helped me. Noah's House not only saved my life, but changed my life. Today I am a House Manager because of the opportunies available from being there.



Gracie's Place Alumni


I'm very grateful for Gracie's Place. If they would not have taken me in, I know I would have probably ended up institutionalized or in more trouble, because I had nowhere to start. Gracie's Place saved my life.



Gracie's Place Alumni


I always say that if I had this opportunity years earlier; I would still have my kids in my life, and I think that it is great that this is in the community so that people will know how to let go of their people, places, and thing and build new friendships because that is a key factor, who you place yourself around.


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