Steve D. - Recovering Hero

December 8, 2017

My name is Steve and I am an addict, when I first came the rooms at 16 yrs. old those words felt very
forced and awkward when spoken. Now almost 30 yrs. later those same words (Hi my name is Steveo
and I am an addict) reaffirm who I truly am and where I definitely belong. These days, I am comfortable
and extremely grateful that I am a recovering addict who belongs somewhere and who is apart of
something truly amazing.


I was born and raised in Cali, I met my first love when I was 12 years old “Budweiser”.

Running away from home started in my early teens. I left a good home with good folks, so I could stay
at friends houses whose parents would smoke and drink with me. This paved the way for clueless and
selfish behaviors for years to come.
Through running away, I started a life as a nomad, bouncing around the country using and drinking
everywhere I went. Over 25 different county jails and 2 state bids. To this day I have only been arrested
one time when I wasn’t loaded, this time. Every other time I was loaded in one-way shape or form. My
runs were always extreme and drawn out ending in complete devastation. In the past, even though I related to what was said in the rooms of AA and NA, I wasn’t anywhere close to being ready to take responsibility for myself or my recovery.


I thank God for the 12-steps every day.

Life is all about memories and relationships and if I continue to use, history shows me I won’t have to
worry about either one. Life has a million choices available to all of us every day. As soon as we choose
to use, all those decisions are made for us. My future ahead is bright unlike when I was in jail. I get to
choose who I surround myself with and I am choosing people in recovery people who are happy and
living life to the fullest people who will hold me accountable and who I will be proud to call my friends. I
am building an awesome relationship with my sons and mending bridges I burned with my family.


Recipe for success:
God, meetings, sponsor, steps, and commitment to a home group. Sounds like a lot, right? You have to
give it away to keep it. Nothing compared to the hoops I jumped thorough to get high.





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