• No overnights away from the program

  • Weekly meeting with recovery Program Manager on the integration process

  • No contact with females in a dating relationship

  • Curfew at 10 PM (the only exception is work)

  • Never alone for blackout period (2-3 weeks)

  • Regular check-in with Program Manager

  • Complete an online budget

  • Enroll with DSS, ATR, etc

  • Get a Recovery Sponsor

  • Get a mentor

  • Find and plug into a prevailing local church

  • Attend 12-Step meetings 3x a week

  • Complete house chores assigned by House Manager

  • Stay current with the Program Fee

  • Provide with food help by other residents with a pay it forward expectation

  • No car allowed unless granted an exception by Program Manager

  • Identify necessary personal care goals

  • Identify challenges

  • Remain stable with meds

  • Review progress with Recovery Programs participants at house meetings




Note: Men are responsible for their own food, toiletries, and paper supplies. The outside community helps with this on a volunteer basis. 

To best reflect a man's progress, we have outlined three different levels of accomplishment. When you have achieved all aspects of one level, you will be ready to move on to the next level. 

The men in the program who are at Phase II or Phase III have successfully completed this Phase. Talk to them and ask them for help. Remember: you don't have to get them done immediately and you are not alone.

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