Our Phase System



  • Remaining Clean and Sober

  • Stable Income Stream

  • Basic Money Management Practices

  • Stable Recovery Support Network

  • Comfortable, relaxed, sustained interaction with other program participants

  • Functional response to adversity

  • No obviously destructive avoidable relationships

  • Stable Medical, Dietary, Psychiatric and Legal

  • Performs house chores voluntarily

First Phase

  • Awareness of "Personal Process"

  • Identifies current supportive and non-supportive relationships

  • Some idea of personal short-term goals

  • Explores intimate relationship(s)

  • Trust

Second Phase

  • Create and live within a budget

  • Identifies and enjoys personally rewarding positive activities

  • Practices "Personal Process" with encouragement

  • Income stream serves basic recovery needs

  • Access to safe, stable, sustainable housing outside Noah's House

  • Removes most non-supportive relationships

  • Envisions short term and long term goals

  • Explores feasibility of medication reduction

  • Maintains intimate relationship(s)

Third Phase

  • Capable of Practicing "Personal Process" independently

  • Regularly demonstrates support for others

  • Practices "Personal Process" regularly

  • Income stream supports productive activities

  • No gross addictive behaviors (smoking, overeating, gambling, etc)

  • Successful progress on short and long-term goals

  • Elimination of all feasible medication


We believe that only when a man becomes a transcendent man is he truly going to be a legacy man. Here is our definition of what a transcendent man looks likes:


By definition, a transcendent man is one whose singular and sole motivation is his transcendent cause which is: bigger than himself, moves him to self-sacrifice, and to make significant contributions to the community at large. 


A transcendent cause must be heroic, timeless, and meaningful. Jesus Christ and His Kingdom are the only transcendent cause that is truly heroic, infinitely timeless and supremely meaningful. For a transcendent man, everything else is his life comes under the authority, control, and preview of his transcendent cause.

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